Emo Himmy: Jimmy Butler embraces emo look with Fall Out Boy music video appearance

Published February 29, 2024, 2:40 PMNBA.com Philippines Staff

Emo Jimmy made headlines anew, as he completed another sidequest--a Fall Out Boy music video.

Emo Jimmy strikes back once more. | Photo: all Out Boy Official YouTube Account

From ball boy to Fall Out Boy, Jimmy Butler is completing all the side quests.

Fans of the popular rock band Fall Out Boy and the NBA world noticed one familiar face in the newly-released music video, “So Much (For) Stardust.”

And it’s none other than Miami Heat’s superstar Jimmy Butler.

He embraced the emo look debuted during the NBA's Media Day, and made a cameo with it in the music video released Wednesday night.

Hours before releasing the music video, the band used social media to promote the song and called Butler "Heat Wentz". Pete Wentz is the bassist and lyricist of the band. The Heat guard caught the attention of the whole world in last year’s NBA Media Day session after rocking a brand-new hairstyle. Add it to his list of accolades. Last year, he seemingly found a new career being a tennis ball boy during the US Open.

When he got suspended for a game during a mini-brawl against the New Orleans Pelicans, Butler decided to have a watch party of the game against the Sacramento Kings.

He also got to learn Serbian from Nikola Jovic.

He had quite the comeback on Wednesday, making 22 points, four rebounds, nine assists, four steals, and two blocks against the Portland Trail Blazers. Miami is currently riding a five-game winning streak and occupies the fifth spot in the East behind a 33-25 slate. The Heat will face the Nuggets tomorrow in a rematch of the 2023 NBA Finals.